The New Doha International Airport - Qatar

The New Doha International Airport (NDIA) will be one of the most advanced airports in the world. It will replace an existing facility, increase passenger and cargo handling capacity, and accommodate the new Airbus A380 super jumbo jets. When it opens, the new airport will accommodate 24 million passengers and 750,000 metric tons of cargo annually. It will feature two of the longest commercial runways in the world, an 85 m high control tower, a 510,000 m2 passenger terminal with 40 gates, a separate terminal for the Emir of Qatar, a general aviation terminal, a cargo terminal, a 150,000 m2 aircraft maintenance center, one of the world’s largest airport catering facilities, state-of-the art air traffic control equipment and security systems, and other facilities. ARP is providing consulting services for the Public Address System (PAS) with Visual Paging System Interfaces for Concourse D & E and North Node as well as the Public Areas of the attached Hotel.