Acoustics Testing

ARP has the following field testing capabilities:
  • Reverberation Time and Room Acoustics
  • Airborne Sound Insulation of Building Elements
  • Impact Sound Insulation of Floors

  • Noise and Vibration Surveys

On-site testing can be required for a variety of reasons. This could be to validate the performance of building elements to assess workmanship or to confirm compliance with the building specifications, project criteria or relevant international standards. Environmental noise and vibration surveys play a vital role in the design process for façades and building structure. Acoustic testing may be carried out to establish the performance of existing structures, and used as a diagnostic tool for identification of weaknesses in construction, to determine the need for remedial or retrofit works. Noise and vibration testing can also confirm whether mechanical equipment is faulty.

We can carry out on-site testing in accordance with all relevant ANSI, ASTM, BS, EN, ISO and other standards, as required.